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About Chiropractic

The word chiropractic comes from the Greek meaning of, “done with hands”. Chiropractic is a developed system of manual therapy that effectively treats how the nerves, muscles and joints function within the body. Doctors of chiropractic focus on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of joint and muscle disorders of the body. They are trained specialists in performing adjustments of bodily joints to improve range of motion, flexibility, and to restore proper joint and muscle movement. In addition to the focus on joints, Doctors of chiropractic are also trained in specialized muscle treatment techniques with the use of their hands.

With proper joint alignment and muscle movement, people will experience improvements with balance, strength, and sleep and less discomfort from headaches or low back pain.

What conditions do chiropractors treat?

The health care profession of chiropractic effectively treats disorders of joints and muscles of the body. Often treatment is provided for, but not limited to back pain, headaches, neck pain and discomfort in the joints of the arms or legs.

Common conditions treated at the clinic are:

Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Frozen shoulder
Headaches Hip problems Golfer/Tennis elbow
Knee pain Low back/Neck pain Plantar Fasciitis
Rotator cuff injuries TMJ problems Sports related injuries

Is chiropractic treatment appropriate for children?

Yes, children can greatly benefit from chiropractic care. Children are typically very active and commonly experience trips and falls from activities of daily living as well as from participating in sports. Resulting injuries may cause many symptoms including back and neck pain, stiffness, soreness or lack of quality sleep. Chiropractic care is always personalized to the individual patient. It is a highly skilled treatment, and in the case of children very gentle.

What type of education and training do chiropractors have?

Chiropractors are educated as primary contact health care practitioners, with an emphasis on joint/muscle diagnosis and treatment. The educational requirements for doctors of chiropractic are among the most rigorous of any health care profession. Once a post-secondary student has graduated from university the next step it apply to a chiropractic college. Once accepted into an accredited chiropractic college, the requirements become even more demanding — four academic years of professional study are then completed. The first two years are spent detailing essential sciences such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, bio-chemistry and nutrition. The next two years include serious training of manual joint adjusting and muscle stretching techniques that also includes a full year in a clinical setting, working as an intern treating patients from the public. Following graduation from the chiropractic college, the practitioner is then required to successfully complete a three part national licensing exam that is also followed by a provincial exam.

How is chiropractic adjustment performed?

An adjustment is a manual procedure that utilizes the refined skills of the chiropractor developed during the intensive years of the chiropractic education. The chiropractor typically uses his/her hands to move the joints of the body, particularly the spine, in order to reduce pain, and restore or enhance joint function. When a joint in the body is not moving fully an adjustment is performed and is a simple a quick force that helps restore motion to that specific joint area. It is a highly controlled procedure that rarely causes discomfort. The chiropractor personalizes the procedure to meet the precise needs of each patient. Patients often experience positive changes in symptoms immediately following treatment.

Why is there a popping sound when a joint is adjusted?

The adjustment of a joint may result in the release of a gas bubble between the joints and that makes a popping sound – it is exactly the same as when you “crack” your knuckles. The noise is caused by the change of pressure within the joint.  There is no pain involved, it is a natural process it is expected most of the time and we want the noise to occur.

Is chiropractic treatment safe?

Yes, chiropractic treatment is safe and effective. While any form of health treatment contains a slight degree of inherent risk, there is very little risk in chiropractic care when administered by a licensed practitioner. To assure competency, all provinces require that chiropractors be board-qualified, licensed, and regulated according to strict criteria. Statistics show that patient risk is substantially lower in chiropractic as opposed to medical care, where the use of many prescription drugs and surgery pose a greater risk. Feel free to ask your chiropractor about any side effects from treatments.